Ray Ranns
Ray Ranns

Ray Ranns is responsible for the Working Group Activity-Communication and Assett Management/Finance

Originally from West London, I’ve been an Essex resident since 1987 living in Chelmsford and moving to Braintree in 2011.

I retired from my main career, after 33 years with the Electrical Supply Industry in 2011, having worked in engineering and computing., leading and delivering large business change projects in the UK, the USA and France. I then worked in consultancy and contract work , mainly based in London, until 2020. I now have finally and completely retired (unless I’m told otherwise) and relish the opportunity to add value and provide service to my community.

I have qualifications in electrical engineering, mathematics and computing and I am a chartered member of the British Computer Society. 

Deciding to downsize in 2020, my partner and I were always keen to move to a village location and we have always been very fond of the Colnes. As such, It seemed a ‘no brainer’ to settle in Earls Colne once we’d made the decision to move. This move is to be our last and we’re very settled and happy here. Although we’re on a new part of the village, we appreciate the history and the look and feel of the area. We moved in during lockdown, in 2020.

I have no long-term political ambitions, but am very keen to be involved in helping to steer the strategy for the future of the village and to help with day-to-day running of the facilities and services of the area. This is why I, earlier this year, I became a parish councillor.


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